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3 Facts to Know After an Accident

Your vehicle is probably the second largest financial investment you’ve made, and it’s important to safeguard that investment after you’ve been involved in an auto accident. Consider these three facts the next time you’re searching for an auto body repair shop:

FACT #1: IT’S YOUR CHOICE WHERE TO GET YOUR VEHICLE REPAIRED. Under Illinois consumer law, it’s always your choice who fixes your car. An insurance company, car dealer, leasing company, or responsible party may make suggestions to you, but it’s important to remember that the choice is always up to you.

FACT #2: YOU DO NOT NEED 3 ESTIMATES. Many people believe that there’s a law that requires you to get 3 estimates after an accident – but that’s not the case.  If you know where you want to get your car fixed, that’s the only shop you have to visit. At Midwest Auto Body of Lisle, we work hard to create a hassle-free auto body repair experience, including working directly with any insurance carrier – even if we aren’t the ones who wrote the original estimate.

FACT #3: YOU DO NOT HAVE TO CHOOSE THE LOWEST ESTIMATE.  Not only do you not have to get 3 estimates, you also do not have to choose the lowest price you’ve been quoted for work. With the way that vehicles are designed and engineered, it’s next to impossible to give an accurate auto body repair estimate without dissembling the vehicle.  Remember nobody – not your dealership, insurance company, or any other auto body shop an give you an exact price.