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"I had a brand new 2017 Silverado and before I had it a week someone had swung their door open at the Walmart and put a dent right in the driver door. Was already planning on getting that fixed, when two weeks later ( have not even had the truck a month yet) someone in another grocery parking lot clipped the driver rear corner right under the taillight but over the bumper ( not sure how they managed that) putting multiple creases in the radius of the rear corner. I took the truck over to Ken and in three hours both dents were fixed and I could not see any signs that the areas had ever been hit. Ken was pleasant to converse with and he is amazing in his ability to work with metal and repair cars and trucks. I will be keeping his number and recommending him to anyone who has issues like this. He also has a full automotive body repair shop, very clean , and would not hesitate to use him again, although I hope to avoid that necessity." 
- Bernie M
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"Ken, I am so impressed with the dent removal on my Equinox. You did a super good job. And, I appreciated your doing the job while I was in Eureka. As Dan said, you are a perfectionist. It also was nice to meet your wife and two cute little boys while I was waiting in your shop. Thanks again. Betty Bekermeier" 
- Betty B. 



"Ken did a wonderful job on our car. We were having rust damage issues because our car is 10 years old. Ken gave us a very good estimate and we thought it would be worth fixing. He found more damage than he expected and still held with the estimate. He even undercoated the area where he worked. We will always take our vehicle work here. Thank you, Ken!!" 
- Charlie 
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"Very friendly and helpful. Great customer service." 
- Chad
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"Very helpful and friendly. Great customer service." 
- Chad Wyss



"Absolutely satisfied with this company. I took my car in and they worked with me and my insurance. They even picked up my car and delivered it back to me over the weekend. Everything went so smoothly and my car looked like it never got hit by hail. Truly impressed. Thank you so much. I would definitely recommend Metal Medic Autobody." 
- Holly Z. 



"Ken knows how to treat the customer with great service and excellent quality. I wouldn't take my car anywhere else" 
- Ken Notaro 
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"Ken is awesome. Had him remove a very large dent on my wife's vehicle in the fender, he made it look like new and there were some scratches around it also and he buffed them out and made them look great. Also buffed out and fixed some dents on one of the doors where someone hit her door with their mirror. His rates are very reasonable and you can tell he is a very honest and straight forward business man. It also is very apparent that he is very knowledgeable about his field. I would recommend his shop to anyone." 
- Kevin James 



"Metal Medic does all my auto body repairs for the past 15 years. The quality of work they do is fantastic. Never a problem with any of the repairs they have done. Their bids are honest the timeline they give you will be met or exceeded and the quality of work will NOT disappoint. I just picked up my expedition Monday and it looks simply amazing !!" 
- Dennis W. 



"They fix my car very good. Very fast too. I will use them again. Ken is very nice and easy to work with"
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